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At Thousand Petal Lotus Holistic Massage and Wellness I look at the service of massage and energy healing through holistic eyes. I take into account your body, mind, spirit and emotional  wellbeing to create as session that allows you to free yourself from stress.


At Thousand Petal Lotus Holistic Massage and Wellness our goal is to help you achieve a higher quality of life in body, mind and soul. We offer you the best in massage by accessing Energy Healing,  Massage Therapy  and Ayurvedic Treatments but our secret is inside you ..…the thousand petaled lotus which stores your life energy and awaits your beck and call for your greatest ability to heal.

With 11 years experience in energy healing, over 30 years experience in yoga and meditation, and countless skills in massage, you can be sure that  we can aid you in healing at a deep level and that you will be in highly respectful, safe and healing hands.

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"Give me holy health, but give my brothers more, that I may enjoy my greater health in the greater myself.

Give me power, but to my dear ones give it more abundantly, that I may wield the strength of all minds in my united mind.

Give me wisdom, that I may make my loved ones more wise, and that I may feel its rays spreading on the vast tract of merged brothers-souls

Teach me to behold through all eyes, work through all hands, and feel my heart throbs in all. Teach me to feel, act, strive, earn, and especially to spend, for all---as I do myself.'

I want health, to be a model for other's health as well as for my own. I want to be efficient, to turn inefficiency away from earth's door. I want wisdom's freedom, that I may enjoy my liberty only in the universal freedom of all---in the spiritual emancipation of all!"

Whispers Of Eternity--By Paramahansa Yogananda


                      We are waiting to help you.

                  Here are what clients are saying...

"Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing massage! The pressure was right on and you have a nice, solid yet nurturing quality of touch."

"Laurie is fantastic! I hope I come across her again!"

"Was the best I've had!"

"Laurie is an intuitive healer..I can tell she could feel my pain and knew how to help."


The best massage is the massage that is tailor made for you, for your body, for your state of being right now. For the greatest impact we give you the 90 minute multi skilled massage:


The 50 minute multi skilled massage:


( Pregnancy massage available)

 EQUINE massage $180 per session, (driving fee possible)


My unique massage and energy healing combined (Healage) helps you slough off the negative energies that are holding you back as well as rejuvenate your body to its natural peaceful state. This session gives you a taste of energy healing and its amazing and powerful effects. One 90 minute session.



The effects of energy healing can be life changing! For those who understand that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes and feel with our senses energy healing is an experience you don't want to miss out on! If you are in a rut in life, if you are trying to change your life but are stuck on how to do it, if you have emotional issues that are keeping you from living a free and expansive life, then book a session right now!! I can't wait to help you in your journey to loving life!

  (1 hour and 15 min session includes consultation) We work on animals too!


Effulgent Energy Weekend Workshops

$350 To be announced.

Ayurvedic Treatments

From the ancient wisdom of India, through the holistic and natural approach to healing,  ayurveda (the science of life) and ayurvedic treatments were born. Based in the ancient wisdom of the vedas, the treatments help to soothe the body, destress the mind and rejuvenate the spirit.
You may choose from:
Shirodhara Plus Package; includes 4 consecutive  hot  oil treatments- infused with herbs known to calm and soothe the mind and aid in a restful relaxed sleep it also includes a luxurious head and neck massage as well as full body abhyanga massage .
$1,250 (4 treatments)

Potollies ;pouches of rice , sesame seeds  or lentils saturated with a warm milk or warm oil herbal concoction created just for you, massaged into the body creating absorption through your cells and lipoids.
$300 per treatment

Basties;  are targeted oil treatments best used on the neck, low back, knees or eyes. Creating a physical damn around the joint allows the warm oils and herbs to saturate and absorb into the body.
$50 add on to above treatments

Lepa ; specialized herbal paste packed in  a wrap for longer absorption.
$70 add on to above treatments



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